How to change a Compressor on heat pump/ air conditioner

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2018/07/18 07:46:15 PM
Author: Colin Bouwer

How to change a Compressor on heat pump
1. Regulatory safety standards will always apply
2. Immediate dismissal if not adhered to
3. A mini risk assessment form will be filled in before work commences
4. Permit / Access / Authorization, to perform work, will be signed by relevant charge person, prior to commencing compressor change
5. P.P.E. will be worn
6. Steps to install
• Erection of warning boards in area
• Take note of model & serial numbers
• Check type of refrigerant gas required
• Make sure compressor is complete, with all valves & electrics
• Isolate power supply to unit, prior to commencing
• Remove refrigerant gas from system
• Close front seat valve
• Loosen bolts on compressor
• Detach all electric cables & copper pipes
• Remove compressor & clean area where new compressor to be fitted
• Test & check all safeties
• Bolt new compressor to unit
• Remove old drier & replace with new drier
• Measure correct copper pipe & connect to compressor
• New valve to be screwed on by hand, then tightened with correct tool
• Make sure valve thread is aligned correctly in grooves
• Attach vacuum pump to unit, while connecting electric cables
• After vacuum, check that gauges are correct
• Install gas until LP switch is made
• Turn thermostat to coldest temperature
• Check & test electrical voltage & amps
• Make sure that unit is running
• Make sure unit is cooling
• Set thermostat at correct setting & check all safeties
• Remove debris, rubbish & clean & tidy work area, wipe all dirty marks
• Ask manager/Dealer to sign job card